Ogun Warns Owners of Marked Buildings: Set for Demolition

Ogun Warns Owners of Marked Buildings: Set for Demolition

Ogun warns owners of marked buildings. The Ogun State Government has warned owners of houses marked for demolition This warning was issued to homeowners whose marked houses are causing blockages in the flow of wastes and water. The government stated that the owners must remove these obstructions on their own accord or else the state will have to demolish them, and the owners will be responsible for the costs. 

The Commissioner for Environment, Mr Ola Oresanya, delivered this warning during a visit to assess the effects of flooding in Ikenne Local Government Area. He emphasized that this action is essential in order to prevent unnecessary flooding. 

Mr Oresanya stated that owners of marked buildings, who have received ample warning and ultimatum, but are still waiting for the state government to demolish the property. Such individuals will be required to reimburse the state government for expenses incurred using taxpayers' funds. He instructed those responsible to complete the necessary actions promptly to avoid penalties. 

The commissioner said, “Any house owner that fails to comply with these directives by allowing his or her wastes water to flow on to the roads will be penalised as the state and the local authorities will not watch them channel their waste water directly to the road, thereby destroying the road infrastructure.”

He added, “We will not fold our hands and see people destroy roads built with taxpayers’ money. The state government has invested heavily in this road infrastructure, and one of the key things that destroy it is this habit of our people, which must stop forthwith.” 

He advised homeowners who may be affected by these new changes, but have received legitimate approvals, to apply for compensation. The state government is committed to implementing its new drainage master plan. 

The commissioner made an announcement stating that the state government will be upgrading its drainage plans to align with the new flood conditions in Nigeria and worldwide. These plans will be strictly enforced, and the government is also working towards expanding the drainage network to improve flood prevention and management.